Friday, March 23, 2007

Back again

Hello, sorry I haven't written in a while. Things have been a bit busy here.

In February, our family, minus my dad, went on a week trip to Chicago for our cousin's wedding. At the left is The Cloud Gate, but most affectionately call it "The Bean" as it resembles a kidney bean. We had a lot of fun sightseeing, meeting my other two aunts, and just hanging out with friends there. It was a very relaxing week, but I was glad to get home because I got sick on the airplane home.

Now, in March, we are getting ready for Scott's graduation with his best friend Joe. It's just around the corner, and it's still hard to believe these guys are old enough to graduate!! And it's even more scary to think that next year I will be graduating!

This week has been a little hard for me because of the death of one of my friends. His name was Bobby Short, he died on the 20th of a heart attack, he was 44. I always remember him coming to our church every now and then, and he would always say Hi. When he talked, it wasn't always easy to understand him, he had Downs Syndrome, but he was always smiling. We went skating for Abraham's birthday, and he got out there on the floor in his sneakers and was walking around with his arms out like he was flying. Now, he's with Jesus. But we're gonna miss him. "See you soon, Bobby."