Thursday, April 24, 2008

My song for graduation

Here is the song I wrote to sing at the graduation.

Your Love And God's Grace

I stand here today, at a turning point in my life,
This is where everything turns to grey, from black and white.
I've got to make my own decisions, choose my own path,
But I look back and thank the Lord, for everything I've had.

I've got family and friends who love me and stand beside me,
I've a Bible and a Saviour right here to guide me,
But I don't know where I'd be today,
If it wasn't for your love, and God's grace.

I know I've tried your patience, growing up through the years,
And I look back and remember, all the trials and all the tears.
But I'm so glad you were with me, every step of the way,
It's all because of you, that I'm standing here today.


Repeat: No I don't know here I would be today,
If it wasn't for your love and God's grace.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm back

Well I'm back.

I apologize for not writing a such a long time.

I am busy preparing for my graduation, and let me tell you this. June is not coming fast enough! The graduation will be June 7th. I have my graduation cap and gown, I just got them yesterday, and I am sooo excited.

We now have to get the invitations out, we are running behind schedule, but, Lord willing, we should have them out soon. I will post my senior pictures here when I get them.

Well, I must go, but I'll write more soon.