Thursday, October 23, 2008

They Got WHAT???

I have most definitely got to update this blog a bit more often!!

First and foremost, Tuesday, Oct. 14, Abe called me at 7:15 in the morning. Now that was shocking enough. But the reason he called was to say that he had gotten saved that morning!! Needless to say, I was quite speechless, but he said he had been doubting it for quite some time, ever since he preached the message about the assurance of salvation, under which his sisters and Maddie had gotten saved! He also told me that his dad had gotten saved the night before.

Also, during the week of meetings they had been having at their church, Maddie's sister and brother-in-law had also gotten saved. On Sunday, they had a baptismal service and that night, Maddie's mom and sister, Sarah, got saved too!! It's so good to know that the Lord Never stops working!

In a less happy note, yet still happy, last Friday I put in my two-weeks notice here at the TV station. If you have followed the blog at all, you will know part of what's been going on. Well, there was a meeting called on Friday, and from 9 to 11, I was crying. My supervisor was telling me I had to step it up, telling me that I was being rebellious, and that I wasn't doing everything I was supposed to do in the amount of time I was supposed to do it.

Eversince the last time, I had been praying and asking God that if He was changing the way He wanted me to go, He was going to have to show me. I'm stupid, I can't take a hint, I need something point-blank. And that meeting was about as clear as ever. So when they finally asked me if I wanted to stay on past my internship, I told them no. I don't want to work in a job where I am thought of as rebellious, because I'm not! I can't work in a job where my testimony has a chance of being compromised due to a conflict in personalites.

So, after the end of October, I will be moving home and riding to work with my dad every day, and working in the medical records department of the hospital if everything works out.

Lord willing, I will be posting more often. God bless.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Thank God For Friends!!

OK, so I know I havn't posted the pictures from the picnic, but let's just say, it went well. Everyone enjoyed the cakes and they were consumed in no time!

Things have been very busy, and projects at work are conflicting with alot of things. This past Tuesday, work was very hard. I found out that my boss is unhappy at the things I am trying to do and learn, and he is expecting me to "step it up" a notch.

My question is: When you are failing to spend time with your family, breaking your back to finish a project so you can go to church, missing out on the fellowship of your friends, staying up late and missing out on sleep, and not to mention, being worried about what the boss thinks and expects; HOW CAN I STEP IT UP??

So needless to say, Tuesday was very stressful, and filled with prayer. I called my mom and let her know how to pray, and she called Mrs. Beabes to let her know. Wednesday morning at 8:00, Abe called to see how I was doing and to exhort me to keep faith in God. "Either way," he said, "it is a test of your faith." I hadn't really thought of it that way and I had gotten so caught up in my own world, that I just needed to step back and say, "Whoa!"

We talked for about forty-five minutes, and then I had to go to work. But all that day, I was looking at things from a different light, and the day went quite well! Abe and I were able to talk again that night for about the same amount of time, and we just fellowshipped together.

I thank God for the people He has brought into my life, and the blessing and encouragement that Abe has been to me.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Saturday, Baking, and Fellowship

Hey all,
Just wanted to let you know, tomorrow, Saturday, we are having a get-together with a bunch of people at my family's house, and I get to make two, double-layered cakes!! That's FOUR cakes all together! I can't wait, I love baking and I just hope they turn out OK. Hopefully I'll be able to post the pictures I take here on the blog. Keep reading, and send in those comments!!

God bless!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why I Chose To Support John McCain

As a new voter, issues that are prominent in my life or my beliefs, take the forefront as this 2008 election draws ever closer.

At first, before I registered to vote, I was quite uneasy. But after doing some research and praying, I came to the conclusion that I am going to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin in this election.

While reading today, I came across this article that can be found at, that further cemented my choice.

Human Dignity and the Sanctity of Life

Overturning Roe v. Wade

John McCain believes Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision that must be overturned, and as president he will nominate judges who understand that courts should not be in the business of legislating from the bench. Constitutional balance would be restored by the reversal of Roe v. Wade, returning the abortion question to the individual states. The difficult issue of abortion should not be decided by judicial fiat.However, the reversal of Roe v. Wade represents only one step in the long path toward ending abortion. Once the question is returned to the states, the fight for life will be one of courage and compassion - the courage of a pregnant mother to bring her child into the world and the compassion of civil society to meet her needs and those of her newborn baby. The pro-life movement has done tremendous work in building and reinforcing the infrastructure of civil society by strengthening faith-based, community, and neighborhood organizations that provide critical services to pregnant mothers in need. This work must continue and government must find new ways to empower and strengthen these armies of compassion. These important groups can help build the consensus necessary to end abortion at the state level. As John McCain has publicly noted, "At its core, abortion is a human tragedy. To effect meaningful change, we must engage the debate at a human level."

Promoting Adoption

In 1993, John McCain and his wife, Cindy, adopted a little girl from Mother Teresa's orphanage in Bangladesh. She has been a blessing to the McCain family and helped make adoption advocacy a personal issue for the Senator.The McCain family experience is not unique; millions of families have had their lives transformed by the adoption of a child. As president, motivated by his personal experience, John McCain will seek ways to promote adoption as a first option for women struggling with a crisis pregnancy. In the past, he cosponsored legislation to prohibit discrimination against families with adopted children, to provide adoption education, and to permit tax deductions for qualified adoption expenses, as well as to remove barriers to interracial and inter-ethnic adoptions.

Protecting Marriage

As president, John McCain would nominate judges who understand that the role of the Court is not to subvert the rights of the people by legislating from the bench. Critical to Constitutional balance is ensuring that, where state and local governments do act to preserve the traditional family, the Courts must not overstep their authority and thwart the Constitutional right of the people to decide this question.The family represents the foundation of Western Civilization and civil society and John McCain believes the institution of marriage is a union between one man and one woman. It is only this definition that sufficiently recognizes the vital and unique role played by mothers and fathers in the raising of children, and the role of the family in shaping, stabilizing, and strengthening communities and our nation.As with most issues vital to the preservation and health of civil society, the basic responsibility for preserving and strengthening the family should reside at the level of government closest to the people. In their wisdom, the Founding Fathers reserved for the States the authority and responsibility to protect and strengthen the vital institutions of our civil society. They did so to ensure that the voices of America's families could not be ignored by an indifferent national government or suffocated through filibusters and clever legislative maneuvering in Congress.

Addressing the Moral Concerns of Advanced Technology

Stem cell research offers tremendous hope for those suffering from a variety of deadly diseases - hope for both cures and life-extending treatments. However, the compassion to relieve suffering and to cure deadly disease cannot erode moral and ethical principles.For this reason, John McCain opposes the intentional creation of human embryos for research purposes. To that end, Senator McCain voted to ban the practice of "fetal farming," making it a federal crime for researchers to use cells or fetal tissue from an embryo created for research purposes. Furthermore, he voted to ban attempts to use or obtain human cells gestated in animals.

Finally, John McCain strongly opposes human cloning and voted to ban the practice, and any related experimentation, under federal law.As president, John McCain will strongly support funding for promising research programs, including amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos.Where federal funds are used for stem cell research, Senator McCain believes clear lines should be drawn that reflect a refusal to sacrifice moral values and ethical principles for the sake of scientific progress, and that any such research should be subject to strict federal guidelines.

Protecting Children from Internet Pornography

John McCain believes the Internet offers tremendous promise in terms of freedom of expression, information sharing, and the spread of knowledge and commerce. It represents the greatest innovation of the modern era in terms of the democratization of free speech and access to information. From human rights groups in China to bloggers here in the United States, the Internet has opened a global dialogue that has propelled the world into an exciting new century of connectivity and communication.However, there is a darker side to the Internet. Along with the access and anonymity of the Internet have come those who would use it to peddle child pornography and other sexually explicit material and to prey upon children.John McCain has been a leader in pushing legislation through Congress that requires all schools and libraries receiving federal subsidies for Internet connectivity to utilize technology to restrict access to sexually explicit material by children using such computers. While the first line of defense for children will always be strong and involved parents, when they send their child to school or drop their child off at the library, parents have the right to feel safe that someone is going to be looking out for their children.

Protecting Children from Online Predators

America's most precious asset is its children. The innocence of childhood provides hope for the future and refreshes and restores the ideals of this great country. However, there are those who prey upon this innocence and the Internet offers these predators unprecedented, often anonymous, access to children. John McCain has taken a hard line against pedophiles that would use the Internet to prey upon children by proposing the first-of-its-kind national online registry for persons who have been convicted of sex crimes against children. Senator McCain's legislation requires that sex offenders register all online accounts in a national database that can be used by law enforcement to investigate crimes against children. If these predators fail to register they would be sent to prison for ten years. The legislation also makes use of the Internet an "aggravating factor" in sex crimes against children, adding an additional ten years to any conviction. It is the responsibility of government to do all that can be done to protect children from predators who lurk on the Internet.

The Greatest Honor is to Serve the Cause of Human Dignity

There is no greater nobility than to sacrifice for a great cause and no cause greater than protection of human dignity. Decency, human compassion, self-sacrifice and the defense of innocent life are at the core of John McCain's value system and will be the guiding principles of a McCain Presidency."To sacrifice for a cause greater than yourself, and to sacrifice your life to the eminence of that cause, is the noblest activity of all."John McCain is the son and grandson of military officers. He served as a Navy pilot, honored to live in the company of heroes as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and is a beloved husband and father. Senator McCain has enjoyed the quiet blessings found in serving others.

Almost Legal

As some of you may now, I have been driving all of my life.

No, not DRIVING, driving, like as in driving a car, but drving my family crazy! Haha! Just kidding...mostly.

But I have been preparing to go for my learner's permit some time this week. So I will be sure to keep you all posted on that situation.

Now some folks that read this may start praying that I do well, others may fall on their face and srat fasting and praying, "Oh Lord, don't let her drive!!!"

Either way, I just wanted to keep everyone updated.

Write more later.

God bless.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abe and Steve's SHARE program

Recently, Abe Beabes and Stephen Helzerman were at the station for an interview, and they talked about Camp Canaan. So I decided to put it up here so ya'll could see part of the camp, they show a portion of a DVD from the camp. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, July 28, 2008


Well we are back from a wonderful week of camp. God was truly working there, at least in my life. The preaching really helped me all week, and I was able to get reaquainted with old friends. Monday night Pastor's grandson, Jimmie, got saved; so that was a great blessing.

The entire week was just wonderful, everyone had a great spirit. The clique spirit that had been there before in previous years was gone this year and we all had a great time fellowshipping together.

But now, it is back to work, but I will try to update you all ASAP.

God Bless.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Work, work, and, yup, more work! And Abe.

Well the days have been quite busy as I settle into the life of an adult. I guess I knew these days were coming, but I never realized how fast it would go by.

As many of you know, I have moved my place of residence from a cozy home in the middles of Podunk, Nowhere, into the middle of Kittanning in an apartment. I have a full time job working at a small Christian TV station, Family Life TV. I currently run camera and do odd stuff, but am slowly but surely going from a rookie to...well, a little better rookie!

I love working at the station, and the people I get to work with, I can call them friends. We can joke around freely, and no one's feelings get hurt, and they are quite willing to teach me the new things I have to learn.

I guess the main thing, if you were looking for a job, you need to find something you really enjoy doing. Like, I never could enjoy working at McDonald's, but for some people, that is just their favorite thing to do. I enjoy learning new things and concepts, and I enjoy photography, so working here, I can broaden my horizons and capabilities working with different aspects of film.

These past two months have been quite the experience.
In the past months I have:
1) Graduated
2) Turned 18
3) Moved out
4) Started a new job
5) Met a really nice guy

The top three things were probably the hardest ones to adjust to, but they are were and are great learning experiences.

Since I haven't really mentioned the fifth thing on here, I guess I should elaborate just a little bit.

A friend of mine called me one morning and told me she wanted to introduce me to a guy she knew, and she asked if I was interested. So I said yes, and she told me a little about him, his name was Abe, he loved horses, and he carried a knife in his pocket at all times. That was all she told me. So, I'm like, OK, sure I'll meet him. So we set it up for a Tuesday night, when they had church, and my whole family, with the exception of Scott, went to their church to meet this man.
(Nothing like intimidation, right?)

She came in, asked if I had introduced myself to Abe yet, and, of course I hadn't, so she brought me over and introduced us. I guess we were both a little nervous because both of our hands were clammy, but we made it through the intro without any embarrassments, and church started.

The pastor had me sing two songs and I though I was going to be really, really nervous, but things went well, and the Lord helped me not to mess up. Afterwards, we all went to a local DQ to celebrate mom's birthday. While the adults sat inside, me, my brother, the lady that introduced us, Abe, and his friend, we all sat outside and ate ice cream. We got to joke around and I got to know him a little better. I really thought the first meeting was going to be really awkward, but, in fact, it was hardly awkward at all. I even told my "Shooting The Gun Inside The House" story, which I considered to be one of my most embarrassing moments.

I got to talk with Abe about how people felt about me moving out, and even though I felt it was God's will, they still weren't accepting of that, and before we left, he told me he was going to be praying for me, and I know it was true. A few days later, I was praying and asked the Lord to show me, just one more time, and reaffirm His will. The next morning, I got up and read my devotions, and right there was all the peace I needed. God is good!

We also got to go horseback riding on my birthday, just me, Abe, Steve (Abe's friend, great, funny goofball, tons of fun.), and the lady that introduced us. Abe and I really got to talk a whole lot on that ride, and I was able to talk to him about the Bible and God's will. Riding, talking with him, I didn't feel as if he were condescending and that made me feel really good. So many times if you talk to a great prayer warrior or a preacher about something you just found in the Bible, it's old hat to them, but it didn't feel that way talking to him.

In alot of ways, it was a huge blessing to be able to meet Abe, because even if we don't go past being 'just friends', he has definitely helped me grow in the Lord.

I have no idea what the Lord has in store for us down the road, but I'll just keep on praying, and go where He leads me.

God bless!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

My SHARE program

This is the link to a program I was interviewed in, along with Katie Flory. We were interveiwed at the station where we both work now.
We also sing a few songs with Abraham Kline, including the song we sang at graduation. Hope you enjoy.
God bless!

Monday, June 09, 2008


OK, well, I am now completely finished with school! Hooray!

Saturday, though the weather was absolutely humid, the ceremony went well. I was surprised to see my mother's Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Art from Florida, they drove up to be with us, so that with a real blessing and encouragement.

The day started off very early, getting ready in silence as the rest of our guests were still sleeping. Dad dropped me off at the church where I met up with Katie, Micah and Abigail, and we all went up to good old Wal-Mart for the last-minute necessities such as roses, ect.

We returned to the church where we finished decorating outside. The humidity was so high, we started sweating immediately after we stepped outside. The table covers and decorations were set out. The night before, we stayed late, decorating the church, and wrapping up the table favors, and all that other good stuff.

Finally, people started coming, so Katie and I went downstairs to fix our outfits, ect. Then there was the whole going around shaking hands and hugging all our friends and relatives.

The graduation, all in all, went very well, I didn't mess up on the song or on my speech too badly. I had a lot of fun, but things just went by too fast!

We had to time to slow it down and play some volleyball with the teens at Pastor Andy's house, so that was pretty fun. We had time just to relax and talk to each other and just to fellowship.

Sorry it took so long to post this, but I hope you all will keep reading.

God bless!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Tomorrow's the day!

This is the day that the Lord hath made.

But tomorrow is coming very soon!

I am bound and determined not to be as stressed out as yesterday. Yesterday, there was so many things I had to get done, and I had to do it by myself. Mom and dad left early yesterday to get Scott and Morgan, and Paul was riding his bike up in town. So I had a ton of cleaning to do, plus teach Adam, work on the centerpieces, oh, and did I mention I had to clean. We thank the Lord for the huge kitchen He's given us, but it is a pain to scrub. I spent a third of theday on my knees, and I am ashamed to say, I wasn't praying. If anything, I learned a very valuable lesson, one that I have known, but I am constantly reminded of it. Be sure to pray before you begin any day, if not, that day will be miserable!!

Well, the remainder of the cleaning is calling me, or is that just mom?? Hmmm, I don't know, I gotta go see! Hahaha

Pray for me tomorrow!

Monday, June 02, 2008

The Start of a Frantic, Crazy Week

OK, so graduation week is finally upon me. I know I will be soo very busy, but I will try to keep everyone updated. Today I worked at the studio, we had a borough council meeting. So I got to help Chad and Chris set that up. Dad was a little late, but other than that, things went smoothly.

I am watching Adam for the Flory's while they go get Joe from Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. So, I have to teach him school, memorize my speech, write thank you cards, decorate, fix my dress, and clean the house, oh AND get ready for all our company!! So It's not like I'll be busy or anything, hahaha!

But, I will try to write more later! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What A Ride!

People say life is all about just being along for the ride. But what they failed to mention what kind of a ride it was going to be!

Lately, I have been so very busy getting ready to leap out on my own. Graduation is next Saturday, and every day until then is full of things to do. Then, a friend and I are seriously thinking about moving out and getting an apartment together in a place somewhere around 45 minutes from here. We have both been offered full-time jobs at a local TV station and I will be running camera.

This is looking like a very big possibility, and I have been praying about it. But, while being exciting, it is at the same time, terrifying. It will be the first time I've been out on my own, with n one to depend on but myself.

This is going to be a great adventure, but please, keep us in prayer!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My song for graduation

Here is the song I wrote to sing at the graduation.

Your Love And God's Grace

I stand here today, at a turning point in my life,
This is where everything turns to grey, from black and white.
I've got to make my own decisions, choose my own path,
But I look back and thank the Lord, for everything I've had.

I've got family and friends who love me and stand beside me,
I've a Bible and a Saviour right here to guide me,
But I don't know where I'd be today,
If it wasn't for your love, and God's grace.

I know I've tried your patience, growing up through the years,
And I look back and remember, all the trials and all the tears.
But I'm so glad you were with me, every step of the way,
It's all because of you, that I'm standing here today.


Repeat: No I don't know here I would be today,
If it wasn't for your love and God's grace.

Friday, April 04, 2008

I'm back

Well I'm back.

I apologize for not writing a such a long time.

I am busy preparing for my graduation, and let me tell you this. June is not coming fast enough! The graduation will be June 7th. I have my graduation cap and gown, I just got them yesterday, and I am sooo excited.

We now have to get the invitations out, we are running behind schedule, but, Lord willing, we should have them out soon. I will post my senior pictures here when I get them.

Well, I must go, but I'll write more soon.