Thursday, October 23, 2008

They Got WHAT???

I have most definitely got to update this blog a bit more often!!

First and foremost, Tuesday, Oct. 14, Abe called me at 7:15 in the morning. Now that was shocking enough. But the reason he called was to say that he had gotten saved that morning!! Needless to say, I was quite speechless, but he said he had been doubting it for quite some time, ever since he preached the message about the assurance of salvation, under which his sisters and Maddie had gotten saved! He also told me that his dad had gotten saved the night before.

Also, during the week of meetings they had been having at their church, Maddie's sister and brother-in-law had also gotten saved. On Sunday, they had a baptismal service and that night, Maddie's mom and sister, Sarah, got saved too!! It's so good to know that the Lord Never stops working!

In a less happy note, yet still happy, last Friday I put in my two-weeks notice here at the TV station. If you have followed the blog at all, you will know part of what's been going on. Well, there was a meeting called on Friday, and from 9 to 11, I was crying. My supervisor was telling me I had to step it up, telling me that I was being rebellious, and that I wasn't doing everything I was supposed to do in the amount of time I was supposed to do it.

Eversince the last time, I had been praying and asking God that if He was changing the way He wanted me to go, He was going to have to show me. I'm stupid, I can't take a hint, I need something point-blank. And that meeting was about as clear as ever. So when they finally asked me if I wanted to stay on past my internship, I told them no. I don't want to work in a job where I am thought of as rebellious, because I'm not! I can't work in a job where my testimony has a chance of being compromised due to a conflict in personalites.

So, after the end of October, I will be moving home and riding to work with my dad every day, and working in the medical records department of the hospital if everything works out.

Lord willing, I will be posting more often. God bless.

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Sharon said...

Whew! What a blessing that they got saved! And as for the job, I'll be praying for you.