Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Horoscope Hoaxes

I looked at my horoscope today.

Now before everyone drops over from sheer horror, let me explain. I am a firm disbeliever in horoscopes. "Then why did you look at one?" Well, because they make me laugh!! For example, I went to the horoscope section on the Yahoo! webpage and saw my horoscope. I found out something I never knew!! This is what it said: "You're a little troubled over some small misunderstanding between you and a good friend -- but it should clear up soon enough! Try not to let it drag you down into an emotional swamp."

Wow! Had it not told me that, I would have never known I was troubled over a small misunderstanding!! I didn't know that, hmm.

Now, I am NOT troubled over some small misunderstanding between me and a good friend, and I am most certainly NOT in an emotional swamp! Life is going well, God's been good.


Anyone care to answer that?

People are so caught up looking for answers to all of their problems in life. They turn to drugs, they turn to alcohol, they turn to gambling; they just want answers! But what they fail to realize is, if they would just turn to Jesus, they would find every answer to every question. The answers for life's problems don't lie in some magazine horoscope section, the answers lie in Jesus Christ, "The Author and Finisher".

He wrote the pages of our lives, He knew how they would turn out! So why do you need some horoscope telling you what's what in your life when you should already KNOW.

And so, my dear friends, the next time you find yourself wondering what you should do today, don't turn to the horoscope page, instead, dust off that Bible and read what God has for you today. It will do you so much better than any horoscope could ever do.

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