Monday, June 09, 2008


OK, well, I am now completely finished with school! Hooray!

Saturday, though the weather was absolutely humid, the ceremony went well. I was surprised to see my mother's Aunt Myrtle and Uncle Art from Florida, they drove up to be with us, so that with a real blessing and encouragement.

The day started off very early, getting ready in silence as the rest of our guests were still sleeping. Dad dropped me off at the church where I met up with Katie, Micah and Abigail, and we all went up to good old Wal-Mart for the last-minute necessities such as roses, ect.

We returned to the church where we finished decorating outside. The humidity was so high, we started sweating immediately after we stepped outside. The table covers and decorations were set out. The night before, we stayed late, decorating the church, and wrapping up the table favors, and all that other good stuff.

Finally, people started coming, so Katie and I went downstairs to fix our outfits, ect. Then there was the whole going around shaking hands and hugging all our friends and relatives.

The graduation, all in all, went very well, I didn't mess up on the song or on my speech too badly. I had a lot of fun, but things just went by too fast!

We had to time to slow it down and play some volleyball with the teens at Pastor Andy's house, so that was pretty fun. We had time just to relax and talk to each other and just to fellowship.

Sorry it took so long to post this, but I hope you all will keep reading.

God bless!

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