Saturday, March 21, 2009


Well, I began a new phase of my journey on Thursday night. I have begun CNA classes and already God has given me far more than I've ever deserved.

I was aware at the beginning of this class, that the clinical's (the part where you get hands-on training at a nursing home) would be Saturday and Sunday mornings. I began praying that somehow the Lord would work it out so that I wouldn't have to miss church and so I would still be able to teach Sunday School. And, wouldn't you know? Just like He promised, God answered that prayer. There can only be a maximum of ten students on a shift with one teacher. There are fifteen students in my class! Therefore they will be splitting us up. The teacher asked if anyone had a particular day they didn't want to work, and of course I DID! So I told her that I teach Sunday School and she said that me working Saturdays would be fine!! Praise God!!

I am thrilled! Just thought I would share that answer to prayer with you all!

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Sharon said...

Wow! Sounds exciting!