Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Let Me

Let me live for You, O Lord,
Every day of every year.
Show Your Will to me,
Let me shed for others all my tears.

Let me show Your love
To others all around.
Let me be the mirror
That reflects the love I've found.

Let me stand for You
Wherever I stay.
Let me find grace
In Your eyes. O Lord, I pray.

Let me pray to You,
Every day, every week,
Let me see Your face,
For that is what I truly seek.

Let me praise You
From now until the end.
Let me thank You,
My Saviour and friend.

Let me fly with You
On that great rapture day,
With all the saints
Forever in Heaven I'll stay.

1 comment:

Irishgirl said...

oooh Girl I love it!!!