Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Road (After The Yellow Lines)

Take a right, here at the crossroads,
Let's take a detour, take a back road.
Let's take the road, winding around the hills,
Past the trees where the songbird sweetly trills.
Let's follow the road, past all the traffic signs,
Let's ride the road after the yellow lines.

Let's take a joy-ride on the old road,
Forget the fast pace on the high road.
Take a look at the scenes going past us,
No one on our back, waiting to pass us.
Let's follow the road beyond the phone lines,
Let's take the road after the yellow lines.

Let's ride past all the houses and barns,
Take a closer look at all the rural charms.
The cornfields rush to meet us, void of crop,
See the trees, silos peeking over top.
Let's follow the road, follow the tree lines,
Let's cruise the road after the yellow lines.

The road that's less traveled, with more to see,
The road paved with gravel, that's the road for me.
Slow it down, and take in all the beauty,
Although it's longer, it's worth it to me.
You can have your city streets with all the lines,
I'll take the road that's after the yellow lines.


Irishgirl said...

Girl this poem is your best one yet I LOVE it. Great Job!!!!!

Jacob Francis said...

Wow! That IS a great poem! I love it! It's so true--how peaceful and serene it is away from all the world's cry! I can't wait 'til we get to spend all eternity with our wonderful Saviour--the "noise of strife" no longer ringing in our ears!