Tuesday, August 29, 2006

In His Likeness

Monday, my brothers and I started school. We all have an art class together and I learned some things during that class.

In our book, we have illustrations that we look at and try to make our pictures look as close to that as possible. That is so the teacher, my mom, will have an easier time of scoring our work. We got done with our work, and wouldn't you know, not one of our pictures looked exactly like the one in the book! And none looked the same as the others' pictures either. My picture didn't look like Scott's, his didn't look like Paul's, they were all different, but they all had a similarity to the example.

I think a lot of times that is how we as Christians are. We have an example to live by-Jesus-but we have an awful hard time being exactly like Him, in fact, we will never be like Him until we get to Glory. We all have lives that look different, the way we speak, witness, the way we act, we are different from everyone else. But there is a common bond that we all share-Jesus Christ, and the world should be able to look at a group of Christians and know that they are different. We shouldn't have to wear something that is supposed to identify us with Him in order for the world to view us as His. We don't have to wear WWJD or a cross necklace, we shouldn't have to proclaim to all we're Christians. The way we conduct ourselves, the way we talk, that should be evidence enough that we're different.

The world too often relies on outward appearances to identify them with a certain thing, like a gang or a club, but a preacher friend of mine, Dr. Rufus Edmisten, used to say, "What's in the well, will come up in the bucket." And what is in the heart will come out. If Christ is in your heart, others will be able to see Him through you.

Can others see a difference in you?

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